About wi-fi

Before you start

Before you can connect to the internet by wireless, you need:

  • Mobile device with wireless capabilities (e.g. laptop, tablet or smartphone)
  • BT Broadband or BT Mobile (which comes with unlimited free BT Wi-fi minutes) or a BT Openzone subscription or voucher.
  • Your account username and password

Please check that:

  • You've selected one of the BT Wi-fi networks (eg BTOpenzone or BTWifi)
  • If you're going to access a company network, make sure you've disabled Internet Explorer proxy settings. If you need some help, please go to how to login with BT Wi-fi
  • when logging in to BT Wi-fi, you've typed your username and password correctly - remember no capital letters and please check spelling (if you've copied and pasted your username or password, make sure there's no space after it)

Need technical help?

If you've a problem, please see our common questions. If you still need some help, call us on:

  • Freefone 0800 022 33 22* (24/7) or
  • +44 132 556 0841 from outside the UK **.

* Calls to 0800 numbers are free from UK landlines and Mobiles. Mobile costs may vary. Check out bt.com/pricing for details.

** International number is charged at your telephone provider's international call rates.


Get BT Wi-fi internet access now.

Need help connecting?

Get help setting up a wireless connection on your device and view our step to step guides to logging in.

Common Questions

Lots of help about BT Wi-fi, BT Broadband and choosing which wi-fi access is best for you.