HSBC launches BT Wi-fi in branches around the UK

HSBC launches BT Wi-fi in branches around the UK

HSBC has installed free wi-fi in branches around the UK to help its customers get online while they bank. The hotspots, powered by BT Wi-fi, will initially be available in over 650 HSBC branches throughout the UK. Customers will be able to use any smartphone or tablet to download its mobile banking app or simply browse the web, often faster than if they were using 3G.

The move comes as research by BT and Avaya revealed that free in-branch wi-fi access was high on the most-wanted list for consumers in the UK. Indeed, some 49 per cent of UK banking customers who took part in the survey felt that free wi-fi would greatly improve their in-branch experience.

Francesca McDonagh, Head of Retail Banking for HSBC in the UK said:

“We’ve been listening to our customers about how we can make banking easier for them, and they tell us they like the idea of mobile banking but would often value being shown how it works. Our branch staff can now demo our app in branch to get people started, as well as showing existing app users some of our new features, like Paym.”

HSBC recently announced it had seen over £2bn of payments and transfers made on its mobile banking app, as well as over one million log ons each week.

Luis Alvarez, CEO, BT Global Services said:

“It’s great to see forward thinking companies like HSBC prioritising their investments so they can deliver great service for their customers as well as their operational efficiency. We, as an extension of their business, are delighted to support their innovation journey.

“The branch has a huge role to play in the new era of digital customer service – and wi-fi is one of the key technologies in enabling this. Wi-fi allows people visiting the branch to make the most of their time there. They can use it to access the bank’s mobile or tablet apps, read in a calm, discrete and relaxing environment or complete online forms while discussing products or services with staff. Increasingly, wi-fi is becoming a pillar of banks’ multichannel customer service strategies and we’re delighted to be helping HSBC with its wi-fi roll-out.”