Online analytics for the offline world

BT Wi-fi Insight helps you get to know your customers better, showing you how your venue can work harder to meet your customers’ needs. It takes your physical space into the digital age just by mapping wireless devices in the vicinity of your premises and turning this into valuable insight. With this deeper understanding of customers’ behaviour , you can improve your customers’ experience, keeping them engaged and keen to return. Watch our video to get the full story.

The customer journey



  • How many people walk past your store front?
  • How many people come in?
  • Do new window displays bring more people into your venue?


  • How long do people stay for?
  • How many people leave straight away?
  • Which area do people interact with most?
  • Is there a standard journey through the venue?


  • Do customers come back regularly?
  • And how often?
  • Or do you mostly attract new customers?
  • How many of your customers visit more than one of your venues?

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Optimise your business

  • Compare store performance across your estate
  • Monitor wait times
  • Schedule opening hours and optimise staffing
  • Optimise store layout to improve customer experience
  • Understand your venue's footfall and identify differences between different venues

Key features

Customisable dashboard

  • Tailor the dashboard the way you want it
  • Modify the metrics for different roles and levels within the organisation, from COO to store manager
  • Import data to understand sales conversion rates
  • And export data into your CRM tool*
*Sorry for the jargon — Customer Relationship Management

Intelligent analytics

  • Data is gathered from all wi-fi enabled devices inside and nearby your venue
  • World-class data analytics translate this information into insight
  • Rules separate out staff devices from customers’ devices
  • The outside opportunity is assessed from people just walking by


  • We focus on protecting privacy
  • Ensuring customers are confident and your brand is safeguarded
  • Our system is robust, keeping data anonymous
  • And we work with the Future of Privacy Forum

Speed, scale and flexibility

  • Install and setup seamlessly over multiple sites
  • No need for new kit, it uses your existing wi-fi infrastructure
  • And it works with all wi-fi networks
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